Peroni is the best seller in Italy with Peroni red, as an innovative variation with crisp and refreshing

Certainly, we know a lot about beer, but there are always those little curiosities that leave us amazed. For example, if we told you that red beer doesn’t exist, what would you think?
First of all, you must know that red beer does not exist, or rather, it is not the correct term to refer to this type of beer. The right word is amber beer but for convenience, we continue to call them all red beers! The important thing is that they are good and artisanal.

The one thing that most strikes you about red or amber beers is the color. A myriad of shades ranging from yellow to red to dark red certainly does not go unnoticed.

Peroni production beers existed from 1846 by Giovanni Peroni, an engineer who owned a tavern and who won the gold award of American Tasting Institute.

What is the difference between Peroni and Peroni red?

The classic Peroni has a sweet/bitter flavour. Peroni red is more intense, based upon the classic version and with a fruity and floral taste.  Some clients verify that the flavour is similar but much more intense as well as smooth, being even for some a better version than the classic one for those beer lovers.

Peroni red is darker in colour and then more full-bodied. This beer is made from malted barley, hop pellets, hop extra and corn. The aroma is similar to other brown beers with a citrus touch.

Is Peroni red a good beer?

Peroni red when it comes to quality is well-recognised for fine ingredients and craftsmanship.

This beer was first produced in 1963, improving the flavour and aromas since then.
Difford’s guide describes Peroni red beer as the most popular Italian claim. Additionally, it says that it offers malty and hoppy characteristics.

peroni red beer in a glass
Peroni red beer in a glass

How strong is Peroni red beer?

Peroni red beer is part of the average in alcohol (4.7%). The strong reputation it has is because of
its flavour and aromas, are much more intense than the regular Peroni.

What is more recommended to consume with Peroni red beer?

For a dinner, as it is classified as a semi-brown beer, it is suitable to share with foods with
strong flavours in tradition such as roasted pork, smoked sausages, nutty foods, peanuts, and
beef pies. In general, is more recommended for meaty options. However, it perfectly matches with roasted vegetables too.

On the other hand, as it comes from Italian traditional production, it just makes a perfect combination with antipasto, (better known as starters in English) options such as Italian sausages and olives, as well as pizza.

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Peroni Red Beer 33cl