Bonaventura Grappa Barrique "903" 70cl

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a Grappa "903 Barrique" - an excellent grappa with a balanced taste, which is produced by the distillery Bonaventura Maschio. In the production of La Grappa "903 Barrick" methods were used Bonaventura Maschio, which is more than half a century ago, has done research in the field of distillation, which allowed to achieve a perfect balance between the two pomace of grapes which are distilled separately and then mixed in the required proportion.

Family Maschio started production of grappa in the XIX century in the small town of Cismon del Grappa, which is close to the top of Monte Grappa and Brenta river. Maschio is successfully engaged in the production of wine and grape marc distilled in strong drink. However, at that time, many families in poverty Veneto and moved. Was no exception and the family of masks, emigrated to Romania and later in Hungary. But over time, they returned home and close to the River Piave Antonio Maschio built copper alembic, which was the beginning of the revival of business.

The company's founder - Bonaventura Maschio, who in turn inherited the passion for the family business from his grandfather and father Giuseppe Antonio, personally designed his first distillers. Currently manages distillery Italian mask - the last of the famous dynasty of distillers in Veneto.

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