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Borsari Pears and chocolate Panettone 1kg

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72 hours of leavening with only natural yeast

…the duration of our production process, necessary for the creation of sweet emotions.
From the wise selection of raw materials, to the packaging in precious wrappings.
Simple to say but decidedly challenging and complex to do. Indeed, it is a question of combining the best ingredients through the use of good mixers,
manage their cooking and make the presentation spectacular. It is precisely in this way that capable and experienced operators mainly manage the cycle manually
of processing of our extraordinary leavened products.
We naturally start from the raw materials and from the mother of natural yeast, certainly the most important ingredient in our universe. The special care
required by the sourdough requires alternating phases of dough with water and flour with others of leavening, all while managing both the temperature and the
acid-base behavior of the same, determined by fermentation.
Dedicated spaces and experience are needed and we… have what it takes. Everyday.
We then proceed to the actual kneading phases, 4 different ones all alternating with rest phases, managed by mixers with dipping arms. The dough is one of
more delicate and important phases, it requires time and patience and above all the expert eye of the pastry chef. Proper execution produces a compound from
extraordinary gluten mesh, the characteristic that will support the leavening and guarantee an evenly and correctly distributed alveolation.
A balance that not everyone manages to achieve and of which our pastry chefs are particularly proud.
From small "mignon" to exuberant "magnum". The dough, suitably broken into the right weight, is placed in molds and cups
which are then led to leavening, one of the most important moments. There is no human presence in this phase only time contributes to the best
The heat of the tunnel ovens, managed with balanced cooking diagrams, always allows the best result. However, it is the attentive and constant eye of the baker
which certifies its perfection, especially in the large formats to which the special rotary ovens are dedicated.
Perfect cooking must always be followed by correct cooling which in our case is managed with equipment that places the leavened product upside down
down for at least 4 hours. Natural cooling to viral goodness…that's how we like to describe this phase.
Filling, covering, graining, glazing are phases to be prepared before or after cooking, as characterizing as they are relevant from the point of view of the attention that must be paid to them. Only the attentive eyes of the operators know how to dose and alternate each single ingredient and never forget that these
they do not materialize on the product but must be expertly managed.
It is still the elegance of the materials and the expert hands of our packaging machines that manage and make all our products unique in the belief that
everyone is given the opportunity to choose their own dessert, satisfying every possible desire and taste.
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