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Di Gennaro Limoncello Nougat 150g

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A story of family, of passion, of a territory, that of Irpinia, luxuriant and productive. This is what one reads when leafing through the pages of the past of DG3 Dolciaria, the forerunner of the local production of typical sweets. We have created the brand new high-end line signed “Cav. Nicola Di Gennaro", the latest born, which wants to encompass the whole universe made of tradition and the rediscovery of the "products of the heart" for a new return to the origin. The goal is to communicate the value of a product that is industrial in form but artisanal in the production mechanisms: the real and perceived quality that knows how to grasp the desires and needs of consumers, reassuring them of the value of the raw materials used to respond to the constant research of a real, reassuring, healthy world full of GOOD feelings. The look to the past is easily traceable already in the choice of the name of the line, a clear and heartfelt tribute to Cav. Nicola Di Gennaro, who after the war gave the official start to his production of desserts handed down today to his grandchildren and in the choice of packaging with a vintage, elegantly retro design, an effective underlining of a declared return to the quality of the past, the white color symbolizes the purity of the raw materials used, while the red seal with the initials "NDG" revives the passion and the memory. Delicious gluttony sins that are hard to resist!

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