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Gaia uses only the freshest ingredients in their pesto, which enriches it with olive oil to retain all of its freshness, basil is harvested from chosen seeds, cultivated in ideal circumstances, and semi-finished shortly after harvesting. Because of the basis of semi- finished goods and technical advancements, Pesto Gaia may be made at any time of the year and has a deeper and richer flavour as it is consumed.
Pesto has a smooth texture and a garlicky, basil or parsley flavour. A drizzle of olive oil provides richness and an earthy flavour, while the cheese adds smoothness. There should be no overwhelming or underpowering flavours in a good pesto; you should be able to taste each component independently.
It's best to serve basil pesto alongside classic trofie, which is gnocchi-like pasta.
Pasta with pesto has become a popular dish in many countries, with several "pasta with pesto" recipes accessible on the internet.



Olive oil, Italian basil, sunflower oil, cashew nuts, Grana Padano PDO, salt, pine nuts , potato flakes, whey milk, garlic, natural flavors, acidity regulator, antioxidant.

Net Contents

1 Kilogram

Typical Values100 g
Energy585 Kcal
of which saturated8g
of which Sugars3.0g
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