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Gi.an Dried Rosemary 35g

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"Gi.AN. Aromi" is a company that deals with the packaging and marketing of spices, flavorings and confectionery products.

Present on the market since 1989, thirty years of experience allows us to offer customers quality and professionalism.
Gi.AN. Aromi is always looking for new products to supply to customers to satisfy the continuous demand and evolution of the noble Italian culinary art.
The attention, in particular, for the packaging of spices and aromas makes "Gi.AN. Aromi" the company in which the quality and authenticity of the finished product are an added value to the marketed product.

The objectives of our quality policy are:
- Satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer, always guaranteeing the availability of products.
- Ensure the quality standards of the containers used for packaging.
- They take care of every single detail on a daily basis; we also carry out accurate analyzes and quality controls on raw materials and the finished product.
- They value the customer and human resources who are the real engines of the company.
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