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La Molisana Rigacuore 500g

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La Molisana Gnocchetti Sardi is a traditional pasta shape from the island of Sardinia, Italy. Made with high-quality durum wheat semolina, this pasta is a perfect balance of firmness and tenderness, with a unique twisted shape that holds sauces and flavors exceptionally well.
The twisted shape of Gnocchetti Sardi is inspired by the traditional Sardinian "malloreddus" pasta, which is usually served with a rich tomato sauce and grated pecorino cheese. The texture of Gnocchetti Sardi is ideal for capturing the sauce and enhancing its flavors, making it a versatile pasta that pairs well with many different sauces and ingredients.
La Molisana Gnocchetti Sardi is made using traditional methods, with a slow-drying process that preserves the natural flavor and texture of the wheat. The result is a pasta that's rich in nutrients, including fiber, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals.
This pasta is also easy to prepare, cooking to perfection in just a few minutes. It's perfect for busy weeknight dinners or special occasions, adding a touch of authenticity and flavor to any meal.

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