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La Torrente yellow cherry tomatoes 340g

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The mission that guides our work every day comes from far away. It follows the same ritual that has been handed down for three generations; it is fueled by the same passion that animated Giuseppe Torrente more than 60 years ago. With that same obsessive attention to detail. The same scrupulous craftsmanship. That's why it can be summarized with a simple concept: the usual goodness in the wake of tradition. A goodness that lasts over time; which has made itself known and appreciated in Italy and abroad; which is the result of experience, love, sacrifices. Tradition accompanies us in this work like a beacon. Goodness, tradition, but not only. We put all our efforts into ensuring the highest quality, in full compliance with European regulations and with environmentally friendly collection and processing criteria. Each bottle, jar, tin bearing the La Torrente brand represents its mission. Every bottle, jar, tin that leaves our factories has undergone careful checks, because we are the first consumers of La Torrente products. We think this is the best guarantee of quality and goodness.

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