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Lambrusco "Amabile" 75cl

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Colour:Red mousse with deep ruby colours.
Smell:Fruity aromas with hints of strawberry.
Taste:The semi-dry wine's excellent residual sweetness balances the tannins beautifully and seems highly balanced on the tongue. So toss your biases out the window, relax a little, and enjoy! A bright summer red wine with excellent characteristics.
Pairing:Its favours is perfect with main dishes such as pasta or with an antipasti selection of Italian sausages, cheese and olives.
Serving temperature:12 - 15° C
Alcohol content:9.8% Vol


Lambrusco is really a group of ancient Italian grape types. Most wines are made up of numerous different kinds, each with its own characteristic flavour profile. It's uncertain when these kinds first appeared, although Cato may have described them in De Agri Cultura, humanity's first documented agricultural treatise, published in 160 BC. As a result, when you drink Lambrusco, you're consuming original juice (several millennia older than Cabernet).
The greatest Lambruscos these days are dry (secco) and barely sweet (semisecco), and they're virtually always prepared in a semi-sparkling, frizzante form. There are around ten distinct types (8 closely related varieties, to be exact).

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