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The Lupinus, commonly known as Lupinus Albus, is a Chilean legume. Because of their high vitamin and mineral content, including them in every family's daily diet is critical. Furthermore, this food is frequently utilised throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Asia due to its high protein content.
Our product follows a well-documented process in which our firm begins with a dried bean and cooks it in salted water under strict supervision. The Lupine beans are then rinsed many times to remove any remaining contaminants and bitterness, as well as to maintain the proper pH values. After that, they're packed in pickling water to make a ready-to-eat product.
They're great as a nutritious snack in front of the TV or mixed in with other appetisers. You might also try some more complicated recipes. Tender Lupinus hamburgers, for example, are produced by mashing the beans with boiling potatoes and seasoning with rosemary, chives, parsley, and lemon. They are a robust meat substitute that provide our bodies with the proteins they require on a daily basis.
We combine the needs of our taste senses (for those of us who are epicureans) with the necessity to live a wholesome and balanced lifestyle in this way.



Lupins, water, salt, acidity regulator.

Net Contents

250 Grams

Typical Values100 g
Energy94 Kcal
of which saturated0g
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