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Tipico Fregola Tostata 500g

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The frègula, often erroneously Italianized with the name of fregola, is a type of semolina pasta produced in Sardinia.

The fregula, available in various sizes, is produced by "rolling" the semolina into a large earthenware basin and toasted in the oven. It comes in the form of irregular balls of variable diameter between 2 and 6 millimeters.

Even the fregula, like all types of pasta, is cooked with the method of boiling in salted boiling water.

Fregula with clams (in Sardinian: frègula cun còcciulas)
A typical preparation of the fregula is with the sauce of clams (called clams in Sardinia, Venerupis decussata, not to be confused with the common clam Donax trunculus). The dish thus obtained takes the name of frègula cun còcciulas (in Cagliari dialect), that is "fregula di clams".

The production of fregula has medieval origins. The first historical document to mention it is the Statute of Millers of Tempio Pausania dating back to the 14th century, which regulates the preparation, which had to take place strictly from Monday to Friday, in order to be able to allocate the water on Saturdays and Sundays to the fields.
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