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Valle dell'Etna Pistachios pesto 190g

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The history of the Gusto Etna company in Bronte coincides with the life story of Gianluca Triscari, still 18 years old he understood that his life would not have been lived to adapt to conventions but to start a revolution. Changing things wasn't easy but the obstacles were the beginning of that change, because Gianluca has always known that he would be the real change, he felt ready to do it, ready to face any obstacle, to sacrifice himself and to believe in it all the way. to write a new page of history, the story of an active, entrepreneurial Sicily that enhances local products to make them known and appreciated in Italy and in the world.

Now his company is ready to accompany you in exploring the authentic flavor of pistachio, through a wide variety of pistachio products ranging from jams, to pure pistachio paste, ideal for preparing ice creams but also savory pistachio pesto or pistachio cream and spreadable and still the traditional pasta in many different formats and we won't tell you that this pistachio pasta will change the way you taste pasta, because you will find out!
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