Villa Cardea Grappa Barrique 70cl

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It is the most ancient and traditional distillate of Northern Italy. It is obtained distilling the solid part of grapes: pomace

100% artisanal batch distillation in exclusive steam stills, the result of Benito Nonino’s innovation and continuous research, which with the elimination of heads and tails allows the selection of the purest part of grappa: the heart. The Beneduce Distilleries distil the pomace immediately after fermentation, at the same time of the harvest, to preserve the precious organoleptic characteristics of the original vine variety and thus obtain grappa of absolute quality.

Aged 12 months

Elegant with scents of pastry and chocolate It should be served at about 12°C in a wide balloon type glass. Before tasting, it should rest in the glass for some minutes: taking oxygen the fragrances are exalted and the nose-palate harmony is completed.

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