Aged Capocollo Irpino (Coppa) 1kg chunk

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Capocollo is one of Italy's finest cured meats that never fails on traditional Calabrian laid tables: Capocollo is suitable for enriching appetizers and main courses but is also ideal for a quick lunch or packed lunch with hot bread and the addition of some cooked or raw vegetables. from the pork loin, the neck muscle. At sight it has a red-pink color. The scent is aromatic and intense and its flavor is a mixture of delicacy and strong tones with a pleasant degree of spice due to the addition of pepper or chilli. If whole, Capocollo can be kept for months, hung in a cool and dry place. Once sliced, it must be placed in the refrigerator and consumed within a short time. We recommend sharing with cheese, olives and wine.

Net Contents

1 Kilogram

Nutritional Info

Typical Values100g
Energy 396 Kcal
of which saturated14g
of which Sugars0g
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