Aglianico "Mastroberardino" 375ml

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Colour Dark ruby red.
SmellThere are strong smells of black cherry, wild blackberry, violet, and spices.
Taste It's beautiful and silky on the palate, with hints of berries and strawberry jam.
Pairing Soups, cold meats, fresh and aged cheeses are among the appetisers.
Its delicious with aperitifs such as meat sauces, truffles, and mushrooms or second courses with meats, both white and red.
Serving temperature 18 °C
Alcohol content 13.5%


Classic red vinification in steel tanks (about 15 days) at a constant temperature (22 ° C-24 ° C). The wine was aged in wood for ten months and then in a bottle for around six months.
The climate conditions of Irpinia, which are also influenced by Vesuvius' volcanic effect, are ideal for producing native grapes, among which Aglianico stands out for its widespread distribution and high quality. It's regarded as the king of the region's viticulture, capable of producing wines with distinct personalities and exceptional age potential. Yet, because to its plasticity, you may experiment with more agile and graceful vinifications, such as shorter macerations and less refining, resulting in exquisite and refined wines like this Irpinia Aglianico DOC.

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