Artigiana sundried tomatoes 280g

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A tomato can be eaten in a variety of ways. These vine-grown fruits are commonly eaten fresh, in salads, over pizza, or in sandwiches, but they can also be served dried.
Mediterranean imports include sun-dried tomatoes. During the summer, Italians sprinkled salt on sliced tomatoes and laid them out on sunny porcelain tiles. To keep them fresh over the long winter months, they are kept in olive oil.
Artigiana is an Italian family company which just use natural processes in their central productions.


Dried tomatoes, sunflower oil, garlic, oregano, black olives, carpers, salt, wine, vinegar, citric acid.

Net Contents

280 Grams

Nutritional Info

Typical Values100g
Energy222 Kcal
of which saturated0g
of which sugars-
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