Ponti Giardiniera in vinegar 290g

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Giardiniera, pronounced "jar-din-air-ah," is a condiment that should not be overlooked. You'll understand why once you've tasted it.
These pickled veggies, which originated in Italy, were brought to Chicago by Italian immigrants in the late 1800s and quickly became possibly the city's most popular condiment. It's utilised in almost every situation! Whether it's hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, nachos, antipasto platters, or pasta salads, giardiniera is the perfect complement.
Ponti is completely devoted to safe, trackable, and verifiable quality, which underpins all of the group's activities to the point that it has become a system. SGS, a world-leading provider of inspection, verification, testing, and certification services, has certified the Ponti Quality System.
Every Ponti manufacturing site has its own specialised and independent Quality Control Laboratory, which performs stringent checks on incoming raw materials.


Carrots, turnips, cucumbers, cauliflower, peppers, celery, onions, wine vinegar, salt and sugar.

Net Contents

290 Grams

Nutritional Info

Typical Values100g
Energy21 Kcal
of which saturated0g
of which sugars1.1g
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