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Our Deli

Located at 21 Roman road, The Green Truffle Deli is a little gem in the heart of Bethnal Green. Serving the best Italian coffee as they only do in Naples, and offering a great selection of Italian artisanal products, it has become quickly a friendly place for all the neighborhood.

Our passion for quality food is what leads to our commitment to bringing specialty products to every table. In our Deli, you will find only the finest products of the Italian tradition from north to south, region by region.

“In our deli you will feel like going to your hometown favourite coffee shop, grocery or winery. We all know how beautiful but difficult life is in London, and that’s why we want our customers to forget everything for a few minutes when they come to visit us… and let them be tempted by a few slices of a sweet ham,  by the amazing flavour of a good pecorino cheese, or by the strong taste of a full body red italian wine…”

Stefano Dell’Utri
Founder “The Green Truffle”

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Deli

What Our Customer Say

Andy McNab
Andy McNab
Nice Italian shop. Everything is really from Italy, whatever you might want is tip top. Obviously quality demands an adequate pricing, so do not expect Aldi's prices! Friendly and helpful staff, accepting cash and card as well.
Cinzia Petio
Cinzia Petio
Such a lovely place, the aperitivo there is delicious! It looks just like a "cantina" that you would find at any Italian grandma's house, with loads of biscuits and italian goods😄 My only complaint is that it was not roomy at all and we really had to squeeze in to be able to fit as a group!
Tim Sayer
Tim Sayer
This is a real gem of a find, a well stocked delicatessen which is also a small café. It's run by a friendly and helpful guy, who served up a really delicious arancini. It's definitely well worth a visit, I loved this place.
Oleksandr L
Oleksandr L
Good quality & price Italian food. Recommend to taste

Enjoy the finest Italian products directly at your door!